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The key to your success : Manager’s desk

Are you a self-employed professional or small business owner whose job requires you to spend most of your time in front of a computer do you own an operate a digital agency design studio, software development firm or any other type of business that requires employees to set for long hours every day.if the answer is yes to any of these questions then it’s highly likely that you spend most of your time in an office after all an office is where most of your business activities take place and office isn’t just a space where people get together to share ideas, collaborate and accomplish tasks ,an office is also where most work is done whether by employees or business and it’s therefore important for the business that requires  their employees to be there for long periods of time.

Set up a smart work desk

The first thing you should you do to improve the productivity of your office is to set up a smart self-employed desk having the right equipment for your job will help you be more efficient ,productive ,and effective .when you work in an office you are surrounded by office equipment that you probably use on daily basis but don’t really know how or why at works.
understanding how this equipment works can make all the difference in being more productive in your workspace .
your work desk is your most important workspace in the office.this is where you do your actual work and keep track of your professional and personal Records you will be spending most of your time here, so you should choose this space to make it as efficient and comfortable as possible you should have smart desk  in the corner of your office and this is the best position because it’s allows you to see everyone who entered your office, you should also have your work desk at the side of your office near the door so you can greet people and leave quickly whenever necessary.

Stand up and take walks

Staying seated for long periods of time will place a lot of stress on your body and this can cause many issues like back pain,poor posture, and even heart issues.
over time this can seriously decrease your productivity and wellbeing.
for this reason it’s important to make sure you get up and walk around every couple of hours.
it’s also a good idea to walk around every hour when you can , walking will help you get rid of excess stress and stay energized it’s also an excellent way to make a new connections and meet people.

Get to know your team 

Two more comfortable you are with your team, the  happier and more productive you will be. this is because you will be less likely to take things personally and be nicer for everyone ,it’s also important to get to know the people you work with. the best way to do this is to take to them  whenever possible .even if you have to walk to another office to do so ,you should make an effort to get to know your team.the more comfortable you are with your team , the happier you will be and the more you will be able to accomplish.


Architouch | The key to your success : Manager's desk

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Keep your phone insight

While you shouldn’t let your phone your primary focus when at work ,you should keep it insight whenever possible. this will remind you to get up and get moving and it will also help you stay focused .

you should also invest in a good pair of work glasses if you wear glasses this will help you to keep your phone insight and it will also prevent you from straining your neck and back when you are sitting at your desk all day.

Use your employer’s technology platform

The best way to keep your work life efficient and effective is to use the technology your employer has set up for you.

This way,you will be able to easily track your projects,tasks,and deadlines,and you will also be able to get in touch with your managers if you have any questions.

Make your work life better

If you wanted to make your work life better you need to be as efficient and effective as possible this is why you should invest in a smart work desk ,stand up and take walks,get to know your team, plan dinners and other get together, take naps and exercises ,keep your phone insight  and use your employer’s technology platform these are the best ways to optimize the way you work in your office.

Architouch | The key to your success : Manager's desk

Manager’s desk

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